Closing night

The University of Lille and the Collegium of associated schools, in partnership with the City of Lille, invite ALL students to the closing night of the International Student Week which will take place this year at the party hall of Lille-Fives!


  • 7:00pm opening of the doors & reception by the student brass band " La Frontale", (the Faculty of Medicine student brass band) photobooth and other activities!
  • 7:45pm Welcome speech
  • 8:00pm Aux P’tits Oignons, Fancron chanssaise, unique French song!
  • 9:15pm : Cañonazos, Colombian music with electronic tones!
  • 10:30pm: La Sono Polytech, DJ Set


Free admission after online booking

You are a student of the University of Lille

You are staff of the university, VIP, external guests





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